Young Professional Advisory Committee

Young Professionals Advisory Committee

The Center launched the Young Professionals program in 2011 with the ambitious goal of having 30 percent of all Open World delegates be under the age of 30—a goal achieved in 2012. Now, the goal of this program is to host a significant number of delegations made up entirely of delegates below age 35, and encourage these delegates to network with each other and their American counterparts. The program has been supported by the Center’s Young Professionals Advisory Committee (YPAC), composed of young American professionals with strong interest and experience in the region. YPAC members have supported the initiative in a number of ways, including recruiting delegates, making site visits during U.S. hostings, and briefing the Open World Board of Trustees on the program.

Carolyn Forstein
Columbia University School of Law
New York, NY
Kaley Hanenkrat
Barnard College
New York, NY
Elena Kvochko
World Economic Forum USA
New York, NY
Nikita Lukichev
Santa Fe Council on International Relations
Santa Fe, NM
Ken Martinez, YPAC Chairman
Stanford-U.S. Russia Forum
Stanford, CA
Richard Portwood
Center for American-Russian Engagement of Emerging Leaders (CAREEL)
Washington, DC
Sam Stone
Harvard Business School
Boston, MA
Catherine Trainor
Independent Consultant and Journalist
Oakland, CA