Open World News Roundup - July 5, 2013

Photo of Open World group

Open World News Roundup - July 5, 2013

Senator Ben Nelson Fellows from Russia coming to Council Bluffs (article):

In Turkey, one can apply to be a judge right out of law school (article):

The Kazakhs are staying with host families, which they believe gives them a better picture of what American culture is like (article):

“We have hosted similar Open World groups from Russia during the past two summers and consider it to be one of the most relevant and important efforts done by the South Dakota World Affairs Council to educate citizens on the importance of being a global citizen,” (article)

"It's especially great for Henry (her four-year-old son)," Sarah said. "He'll be introduced to a different country, different culture. And he doesn't always get an opportunity for that." (article) (video)

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