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Open World Welcomes Inaugural Delegation from Turkey (press release) "The local families are open and friendly, interesting people to meet and have interesting jobs," (blog post) “When I was demonstrating how coal miners were paid in clacker and scrip, one young man told me that they were given ration stamps during Perestroika,” (article) In April 2013 a group of professionals working with autistic children went to the United States (article)
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Arkansas citizen diplomacy group donates papers to archive; works with the Open World Leadership Program to better foreign relations and share knowledge with others. (article): UVU Press Releases » Blog Archive » UVU Hosts Open World Program Discussion With Ukrainian Leaders, Utah Legislators (article) Graduate School USA's International Institute Awarded Two New Grants from Open World Leadership Center (press release):
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Welcome to Open World's end of year alumni newsletter. It is in Russian, but an English version can be requested by writing to Please click the PDF below to open the newsletter. Additional Information:
Photo of Enid, OK delegate Dmitriy Lebedev (left) and a local member of the US Air Force on base.
Our founding chairman, Librarian of Congress James H. Billington honored by the Russians for his service (article, in Russian): Another article, in English Open World News - Vol. 4 Issue 8 Our Jazz Program nominator and the editor ofhttp://Jazz.Ru on the life of Dave Brubeck and his interactions with Open World (article, in Russian): Russian delegation goes to jail in Kansas (article): Local legislators from Moscow in Chicago (photoshow):