Open World to Honor West Virginia’s Local Hosts

Open World to Honor West Virginia’s Local Hosts

For Immediate Release

Yasmine Evans, Public Affairs Specialist at

BLUEFIELD, WV — The Open World Leadership Center will honor local hosts in the Bluefield area including federal judges and members of the Center for International Understanding (CIU), Inc. This week, CIU is hosting an Open World delegation of judges from Mongolia in Princeton, WV from July 21-29, 2018. The theme for this delegation is judicial rule of law.

At the ceremony, Ambassador John O’Keefe, Counselor to Open World's Board of Trustees will honor judges, families, and individuals who have contributed to the experience of Open World delegates in West Virginia. Honorees include:

Magistrate Judge Omar J. Aboulhosn
Senior Federal District Judge David Faber
Judge Joseph Goodwin and Mrs. Kay Goodwin

Sara Anderson
Dr. Sonya Armstrong
Dave and Carol Bard
John Biros
George Bowling
Albert "Skip" and Sharon Bowman
Larry and Linda Bray
Joan Buchanan
Patrick Cadle
Walter and Betty Clot
Tracy and Hilda Cochran
Frances Colley
JoAnn Davis
David Duritza
David and Jan Farley
Michele Farley
John and Betse Feuchtenberger
Mary Lou Freeman
Curtis Gillespie
Darlene Gilley
Pat Green
Ray Guy
Eugenia Hancock
Pat Hilton
Geoff and Deb Hunter
Dr. Sudhakar and Carolyn Jamkhandi
Allen and Dot Jonas
Norris and Dorris Sue Kantor
Kenneth Kormendy
Dr. Marsha Krotseng
Dr. Muthusami and Betty Kuppusami
Carl Mariotti Jr.
Gary and Kitt McCarthy
Jennifer McGhee
Joe Parker and Elizabeth Muldoon
Maria Pascuzi
Renata Pore
Rosanna Reaser
Robert and Deborah Rodecker
Gino Russo
Linda and John Sage
Rick and Connie Saunders
David Sexton
Kate Fitzgerald and Paul Sheridan
Bob and Derma Shireman
Pete Sternloff
Anne O’Sullivan
State Senator Chandler Swope
Lisa and George Sydnor
Rick and Maka Wellons
Pat and Yvonne Wilson
Rodger Woodrum