The Open World Program

The Open World program is a ten-day professional exchange built on the foundational values of authentic communication and immersive cultural experiences. The program begins in Washington, D.C., where delegates are introduced to the concepts of American federalism, culture, and leadership. Delegates engage with Members of Congress and their staff to discuss common challenges and participate in unfiltered dialogue. Traveling to communities across the United States, delegates meet with their professional counterparts to share expertise and establish lasting partnerships. During the program, delegates stay with host families, giving them an intimate view of American life.


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Mock Agenda 2023
Mock Agenda For D.C. Orientation and Homestay

Alumni Programming

The Congressional Office for International Leadership maintains contact with Open World alumni through reports survey submitted after the conclusion of their program homestay, in-country networking opportunities and events, and press monitoring, and self-reporting. when alumni appear in domestic and international publications.

COIL maintains an extensive alumni database tracking professional development, partnerships, reciprocal travel, press, and joint projects that are the products of connections made during Open World programming. COIL is proud to have over 32,000 alumni in an ever-growing community with far-reaching impact.