Dr. Carla Hayden Joins Open World Board of Trustees

Dr. Carla Hayden

Dr. Carla Hayden Joins Open World Board of Trustees

September 14, 2016

WASHIINGTON, DC — The Board of Trustees of the Open World Leadership Center, a legislative branch agency, welcomes newly sworn-in Librarian of Congress Dr. Carla Hayden to the Open World Leadership Center Board of Trustees. Pursuant to 2 U.S. Code § 1151, the Librarian of Congress appoints to the board four private individuals with interests in improving relations between the United States and eligible foreign states.

Adapted from www.loc.gov: Dr. Hayden was nominated by President Barack Obama in February.

Dr. Hayden is the first woman, and the first African American, to serve as chief executive of the Library of Congress, the largest library in the world, with 162 million items in its collections. It also oversees the U.S. Copyright Office and the Congressional Research Service. It serves Congress and makes its research collections accessible on site and online.

She takes the helm from Acting Librarian David S. Mao, who has served since the retirement of Dr. James H. Billington (founding Open World Chairman) on September 30, 2015.

The Board of Trustees of the Open World Leadership Center, comprised of the chairs of both the Senate and House Subcommittees on Legislative Appropriations, two members of the Senate, two of the House, four members from the private sector, and the Librarian of Congress, oversee the administration of the Center and its Open World program.

Open World supports Congressional outreach to their counterparts abroad, introducing over 25,000 current and future decision makers from Eurasia and other countries to American political and civic life, and to their American counterparts. It conducts exchanges that establish lasting professional relationships between the up-and-coming leaders and Americans dedicated to showcasing U.S. values and democratic institutions. The U.S. Congress established Open World in 1999.