HIV/AIDS Prevention and Palliative Care Professionals in Washington, DC

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Palliative Care Professionals in Washington, DC

Ukrainian and Moldovan delegates visit Washington, DC

(Washington, DC) – An Open World delegation from Ukraine and Moldova arrives in Washington, DC on Friday, September 11 for an orientation seminar to introduce Ukrainian and Moldovan medical practitioners to U.S. health policies.

The delegates will depart Washington, DC on Saturday, September 12 for homestays intended to promote mutual understanding between Ukrainian and Moldovan medical practitioners and their U.S. counterparts. The exchange will focus on sharing best practices in HIV/AIDS and nursing education with medical specialists in Worcester, MA, Omaha, NE, Jacksonville, FL, Akron, OH and Greensboro, NC. The visiting delegates have been selected for the Open World program based on their demonstrated leadership skills and commitment improving HIV/AIDS prevention in Ukraine and palliative care in Moldova. The Open World participants will also share their experience, medical leadership, and culture in Ukraine and Moldova as they meet citizens throughout the week.

Through professional and social exchanges, the delegates will gain a better understanding of society, cultures, and institutions in the U.S. Open World Leadership Center has created a professional exchange to increase the delegate’s understanding of the roles of American government, civic institutions, free enterprise, and voluntary organizations in addressing health policy practices and medical education.

Managed by the independent Open World Leadership Center, Open World is designed to enhance understanding and capabilities for cooperation between the United States and the countries of Eurasia by developing a network of leaders in the region who have gained significant, firsthand exposure to America’s democratic, accountable government and free-market system. Funded by the U.S. Congress, Open World links Members of Congress to Eurasian leaders and is an instrument for Americans engaged in citizen diplomacy. The Open World exchange enhances understanding of how citizens and interest groups work to affect the legislative process in the U.S.

Since its founding by Congress in 1999, the Open World program has enabled over 24,000 current and future Eurasian leaders to experience American democracy, civil society and community life; work with their American counterparts; stay in American homes; and gain new ideas and inspiration for implementing change back home. Open World currently operates exchanges for political and civic leaders from Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

The five delegates share a commitment to HIV/AIDS prevention in Ukraine:

Ms. Nadiia Oleksandrivna Artemieva
Current Position: Coordinator of Project for Adaptation to Climate Change, NGO National Ecological Center of Ukraine
Leadership Position: HIV/AIDS prevention trainer, Peace Corps PEPFAR Ukraine

Mr. Serhii Oleksandrovych Burlaka
Current Position: Coordinator of Center for Assistance to ATO Soldiers and their Families, Kostyantyn Karamanits Charity Foundation
Leadership Position: Lecturer and consultant on prevention of HIV/AIDS and other socially undesirable behaviors, Charity HIV Services Organization "Chance"

Ms. Olena Mykolaivna Didenko
Current Position: Social Worker / Psychologist, Cherkasy Charity Organization of People Living with HIV "From Heart to Heart"

Mr. Serhii Serhiiovich Kitsenko
Current Position: Specialist in Project and Program Management, Odesa Charitable Foundation "The Way Home"

Ms. Olena Mykolaivna Kostina
Current Position: Social Worker, Mykolayiv Association of HIV-Infected “The Time of Life”

The six delegates share a commitment to improving palliative care in Moldova:

Ms. Dorina Timofei Caraman
Current Position: Nurse in the Palliative Care Ward, Chisinau Municipal Clinical Hospital #4

Ms. Ana Vladimir Oprea
Current Position: Nurse in the Geriatric Ward, Chisinau Municipal Clinical Hospital #4

Ms. Ala Vasile Holostenco
Current Position: Nurse, Republican Clinical Hospital, Advisory Department Clinic

Ms. Lucia Gheorghe Adam
Current Position: Chief Nurse, Public Medical Sanitary Institution Institute of Oncology; Mammalogy

Ms. Viorica Enache
Current Position: Head Nurse, Public Medical Sanitary Institution, Institute of Oncology; In-patient clinic

Ms. Irina Rusanovschi
Current Position: Director, “PHOENIX” Public Association

During a one day orientation in Washington D.C. on September 11, the delegates will visit Georgetown University for a presentation on American Federalism and meet with the National Conference of State Legislatures to discuss the best health policy practices in the United States. The delegates will conclude their Washington, DC orientation with a meeting with Representative Jim McGovern (MA-2).

For more information about Open World, please contact Maura Shelden, Open World Leadership Center: Ph: 202-707-6197 or Ashley Burrell, Open World Leadership Center: Ph: 202-707-8943