Open World Commences Programs for Fall 2017

Open World Commences Programs for Fall 2017

For Immediate Release

Yasmine Evans, Public Affairs Specialist at

WASHINGTON, D.C. —Today, Open World Leadership Center welcomes five delegations of media and information management professionals to commence its fall 2017 programs. All delegations are completing Open World’s civic program in accountable governance.

This year, Open World introduced countering false information as a new sub-theme for media and information professionals completing civic programs in accountable governance. In building timely programs, Open World links rising Eurasian leaders to the legislative branch to observe how important national and local issues are resolved through the legislative process.

In Washington, delegates will complete a one day orientation on Capitol Hill before traveling to complete their homestay and the second part of their 10-day professional experience. Delegation sub-themes, countries, local hosting organizations, and locations include:

Best Media Practices/Independent Media
• Georgia delegation hosted by the International Center of Syracuse in Syracuse, NY

Countering False Information/Media Literacy
• Ukraine delegation hosted by Chicago Sister Cities International in Chicago, IL
• Ukraine delegation hosted by U.S.-Ukraine Foundation in Silver Spring, MD
• Ukraine delegation hosted by Friendship Force of Wisconsin-Madison in Madison, WI

Multilingualism and Access to Public Information
• Kosovo delegation hosted by Friendship Force of Cedar Rapids in Cedar Rapids, IA

During the second portion of their program, delegates will visit local media and educational institutions, as well as meet state leaders and staff of Members of Congress in their local district offices from September 8-16, 2017.