Open World to Honor Federal Judges & Local Hosts of Rotary Club of Oklahoma City

Open World to Honor Federal Judges & Local Hosts of Rotary Club of Oklahoma City

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Yasmine Evans, Public Affairs Specialist at

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK —Today, Open World Leadership Center will honor federal judges and local hosts of the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City (Club 29). Club 29 is hosting a delegation of judges from the Republic of Georgia in Oklahoma City from October 21-28, 2017. The theme for this week’s delegation is judicial practices and processes.

In attendance will be Senator James Lankford (OK) and President Robert Henry of Oklahoma City University. During the host recognition ceremony, Ambassador John O’Keefe, Executive Director of the Open World Leadership Center will present awards and honor the following judges, families, and individuals from Club 29:

• Judge Robert E. Bacharach
• Judge Robin J. Cauthron
• Judge Ray C. Elliott
• Judge Stephen P. and Nancy Friot
• Justice Noma Gurich
• Judge Lisa Hammond
• Chief Judge Joe Heaton
• Judge Timothy R. Henderson
• Judge Jerome Holmes
• Justice Yvonne Kauger
• Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange
• Judge Suzanne Mitchell and Sam Fulkerson
• Judge Richard C. Ogden
• Judge Ralph G. Thompson

• Gean Atkinson
• John and Catherine Armitage
• Will and Sally Beckman
• Lauren and Doug Branch
• Mary Jane Calvey
• Randy and Sandra Cassimus
• Robert Clements
• Terri Cooper
• Larry and Ana Davis
• Ellen Fleming
• The Hammack Family
• Sam and Joy Hammons
• Shirley Kirschner
• James Loftis
• Terrell Monks and Valeria Grudanova
• Bud and Keith Oehlert
• Dr. Marion Paden
• Ed and Judy Porter
• Jeffrey Simpsen
• Larry and Dana Stone
• William T. and Marylee Strange
• Ron Sutor
• Clayton Taylor
• Rick and Sarah Vermillion
• Chuck and Renate Wiggin